Music Publisher, Record Label & Artist Kollectiv

Our Mission

KONSCIOUS is committed to fostering a deep connection between artists, industry and audiences by creating, publishing and marketing music that reflects the human condition and inspires listeners through its support of social causes.


KONSCIOUS is a music publisher and record label that serves as an expressive medium for Konscious Kollectiv – a community of artists, songwriters, beatmakers, producers, musicians, engineers and DJs that are rich in talent and supported by like-minded industry professionals who embrace equality, honesty and fairness in the music making process. Song productions created by the Kollectiv are published and marketed for the purpose of facilitating artist careers, increasing catalogue value and empowering listeners to address social change.

Who We Serve

Music Industry

KONSCIOUS is a valuable and trusted resource for record companies, music supervisors, performing artists, producers and other end users seeking high-caliber music as well as emerging and established talent.

Through its extensive scouting and experienced management team, KONSCIOUS develops hit songs and discovers top tier talent that enhance the value of its music catalogue and roster.

Artist Kollectiv

The featured performers of the Kollectiv benefit from hit-song production, mainstream marketing and international distribution; where KONSCIOUS takes an organic approach to matching artists with songs and their audiences by releasing product through its own record label and in conjunction with other labels.

Its primary purpose is to develop emerging talent and support the creative community in an industry where the product is not just the song – but the people behind it. 


KONSCIOUS goes beyond entertainment by inspiring its listeners through human connection – to find meaning, escape or comfort – all the while providing a source for world betterment. The purchase of select music through KONSCIOUS serves both social causes and the Kollectiv, allowing its contributors to continue to develop their creativity and careers.

KONSCIOUS also provides supporters with an avenue to interact with fresh talent and new artistic concepts while giving back to the community.